Do words like “fragmentation” and “on demand” scare you? They shouldn’t now that RadioTail enables you to excel in podcast advertising. Podcasters have engaged audiences by creating focused shows that reach an extremely loyal communities through their computers, iPods, MP3 players, and cell phones. With RadioTail you can easily get your message out across the diverse and rich landscape of podcasts to address your target audience.

Podcast audiences are

  • Loyal: Listeners often subscribe to certain shows and listen consistently to new episodes
  • Engaged: While Web site viewers suffer many distractions on any given site, podcasts are frequently listened to while driving, exercising or gardening. The listener is exclusively consuming one medium at a time.
  • Unlikely to fast-forward: Being active, listeners have their hands full. The amount of effort it would take to fast forward through a short ad is often not worthwhile.
  • Measurable: Compared to broadcast or satellite, podcast radio offers precise statistics on how many times a show is downloaded.
  • Trendsetters: Podcast listeners are at the forefront of the iPod generation.
  • Focused: Listeners are reachable through shows that focus on very narrow topics.

Targeted podcast network

Targeted Podcast Network

RadioTail allows you to make a big impact on the right people. RadioTail works with podcasts that produce great content for highly engaged audiences. Our technology gives you the means to manage and track your ad campaigns. We help you determine which podcasts your ads should be placed in for maximum impact.

Podcast ad measurement

RadioTail’s advanced podcast tracking system gives you real-time access to the information you need to monitor the effectiveness of your ad campaign. Our standards apply across all the podcasts in our network, so you can be sure the statistics are reliable and accurate across all the podcasts you advertise in.

Podcast ad campaign management

Podcast ad campaign management

With RadioTail, you’re in control of your ad campaign. Because your ad is inserted dynamically in to the appropriate podcasts, you can rotate your creative at any time. This allows you to fine tune your message during the campaign while keeping it fresh and memorable for users.

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