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As a thriving media company you’ve seen how revolutionary podcasting is in distributing your content and building a community of users. Despite podcasting’s rapid adoption among users, monetizing podcasts has been uncharted territory—until now. RadioTail’s ad insertion platform and network allows you to turn podcasting into a profitable business.

RadioTail Benefits

  • Ads are automatically inserted and rotated so you don’t have to worry about it
  • Increase your advertising inventory by serving fresh ads in old shows
  • Customized podcast statistics reporting
  • Campaign management tools to monitor effectiveness
  • Guidance on how to sell advertisers on your podcasts

Podcast metrics

Podcast Metrics

RadioTail’s advanced podcast statistics system gives you real-time access to the information you need to present to advertisers and marketers – without making listeners go through an intrusive signup process. Use RadioTail to gain every detail about how users are accessing your podcasts, break statistics down on a per podcast or per episode basis, and visualize your podcast usage with our graphical reports.

Dynamic podcast ad insertion

Dynamic Insertion

With RadioTail’s dynamic ad insertion technology, you will be able to run more agile and efficient podcast ad campaigns. New ads may even be inserted in old audio files to increase your inventory.

Stop wasting your podcast producer’s time by making them manually insert ads. RadioTail frees editorial and production teams from worry about which ad to insert so your company can easily scale the number of podcasts you produce.

You can easily allow advertisers to update their creative at a moments notice and buy the exact amount of inventory they desire. It’s never been easier to sell your advertisers on podcast advertising.

Ad sales

Having sold and managed podcast ad campaigns, RadioTail’s expert staff can help your sales force sell podcast ads. You can also use RadioTail’s ad network to generate income from your podcasts.

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