Podcast FAQ

What’s a podcast?

The definition of a podcast is often debated, but essentially it is on demand rich media content delivered over the Internet. It’s a compelling medium because in addition to being listened to on a computer, new podcast episodes can be automatically loaded onto an MP3 player such as an iPod.

Are podcasts amateurish?

Some are, but many are of high quality, have compelling content, and adhere to the strictest journalistic standards. Podcasts of this caliber can be created by either large media companies or by independent podcasters on a shoestring budget.

Is it easy to listen to a podcast?

Once listeners find a podcast they’re interested in, they can subscribe in just a few clicks using iTunes or similar software. Once subscribed, new episodes from the podcasts they’ve signed up for are automatically placed on their computer and MP3 player.

Can podcasts only be heard on an iPod? Do they have to be approved by Apple?

Though the name podcast was inspired by the iPod, they can be listened to on any computer or MP3 player. Apple provides a podcast directory that’s open to almost any podcast.

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